About Us

The Science

What has Saharan dust got to do with how often hurricanes fall on the Gulf Coast?
How old is the carbon dioxide that is being emitted from the Arctic ice sheets and why does it matter?


We will present the newest scientific research from expert professors and researchers in the fields of geoscience and engineering.


We also aim to put current climate issues into historical and geological contexts –

so that you can better evaluate the Earth system dynamics going on today –

and how all of this will affect our tomorrow.


Geoscience    *    Engineering    *    Paleoclimates

The Economics

Have we hit peak oil, or if not, when will that occur?
If mini-grids are cheap and accessible, why has uptake so far been so poor?
What have activist investors added to the move towards a cleaner energy and industrial sector?


Handpicked economists will curate these and other topics.

Policy changes have been everywhere since the Paris Agreement of 2015, and implementation has begun to follow.

Watch this journey through the lens of some of our most talented analysts and forward thinkers.


Economics    *    International Development    *    Financial Markets

The Art

What effect has climate change had on local communities?
How has artistic expression responded to these events?
How hot is the art world on these issues?


We will bring the climate to life by welcoming writers, poets, photographers and visual artists to show us how they interact with our environment.

We will produce high-quality features that will keep you thinking and inspired.


Short Fiction    *    Poetry    *    Photography    *    Visual Art